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All about Robert...if you dare My Bio...A little info about me, my family, my work, my life in East Texas and anything else that will bore you to the max. Actually, I think I'm an interesting guy contrary to what my wife might say... read more

My Enthusiasm My Enthusiasm...This is the page that illustrates the things that I'm enthusiastic and passionate about. One thing that I'm interested in is the New London School Disaster. Feel free to enter and read about it... read more

Hobbies Page My Hobbies... What would a person do without some hobbies to waste money on? Actually hobbies are good for not only the mind but for the soul also. Some of my hobbies are of the usual nature and some... well, take a look for yourself... view more

Robert's Kawasaki Nomad My Motorcycle...Would you like to see the USA in style? Then get a motorcycle. Mine is a 2005 Kawasaki Nomad. I have taken numerous trips and day rides and I have found the 1600 to be everything that Kawasaki says it is and more... read more

Robert's Photo Gallery My Photography...I have loved photography for years. They say that the eyes are the gateway to the soul. Maybe photography is the gateway to the heart. Feel free to view my gallery... read more

VideoCafe My Videos...Since purchasing some beefy video editors, I've started exploring the world of video/audio editing. The results are fantastic. Feel free to view the work I've done so far on my Video page... view more

Robert's Astronomy PageAstronomy... For thousands of years, man has been looking at the stars with awe and wonder. Although I haven't given it the time it deserves, astronomy has always been a fascination of mine. Feel free to peruse the links... more

Robert's Bumper Sticker Page The Bumper Americana as the automobile. What self-respecting car or truck would be seen in public without some kind of degrading bumper sticker. And yes, you can get your fill of them by... clicking here

Robert's Funny Stuff Page Funny Stuff...You're at home surfing the web and bored to tears. You haven't come across a decent website in days and now you've landed HERE! Believe it or not you've come to the right place. After reading this stuff, you'll be ready to take on anything... more

Robert's Stress Page Stress Relievers...Stress. It's all around us. Daily we humans endure stress of all types, shapes and sizes. It's our lot in life. But we can fight back! By reading this page on a weekly basis... read more

Robert's Wise Saying Page Wise Sayings...This is the place to improve your knowledge base. The first set of quotes and wise sayings pertain to CHANGE. After those quotes, there is a list of wise sayings that have been submitted by you, the loyal wise-saying fan... more

Robert's Useless Information Page Useless Information...We all need useless information in our lives. What would we do without it? Have you had your useless information for the day yet?... more